Exploration Code of Conduct

The exploration of campus by curious students is Brown University’s oldest tradition. By partaking in it, you inherit responsibility for this legacy — your actions will determine whether it invokes memories of Brunonia’s brightest or is dulled by your recklessness. Do not take this responsibility lightly.

Be Safe

Foremost, be safe. Do not compromise your safety, and especially do not compromise the safety of others. Never work alone. Draw on the expertise of others.

Be Subtle

Leave no evidence that you were ever there. If you find evidence that others were there (e.g., a beer can), clean that up too. Do not damage University property or personal property.

Be discreet with your goals, plans, and achievements; advertising your exploits makes them less impressive and endangers others who may not be prepared. Take care in deciding whom you share your work with.

Be Respectful

Never enter private offices or living areas.

Limit your exploration to Brown’s campus.

Be Deliberate

Set goals, have plans, and work towards them incrementally.

Until you can can achieve a goal safely, subtly and respectfully: do not act upon it. There are plenty of other places to explore.